Alpaca del Sol

We are unique Russian fashion brand specialized in knitwear made of luxurious alpaca yarn from Peru. All models are made by hand in Moscow. We deliver worldwide.
About us
Sustainable fashion brand Alpaca del Sol was founded in 2013. First collection gained success and since that time knitted alpaca accessories became our DNA. Every garment in our collection is manually made of eco-yarns from Peru. We share principles of Fairtrade movement and fair fashion.
Alpaca del Sol
  • Alpaca is 7 times warmer than merino,
  • There are 24 natural shades of alpaca fleece: from dark chocolate to milky white,
  • Baby alpaca - is a very thin fleece from alpaca's chest and neck. It is only 19-20 micron thick (cashmere is 14 micron),
  • Alpaca is a luxury yarn. It is used by Chanel, Dior, Brunello Cocinelli and other top brands,
  • Peruvian alpacas live comfortably is big herds in the mountains. Shearing does not harm an animal.
  • Alpaca does not cause allergies,
  • Easy wash and care.

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