Fluffy doctor

Лечебные свойства альпаки

Did you know that alpaca wool has healing properties?

The ability of animal wool to heal muscle pain and various other body diseases has been known since ancient times.

Alpaca was highly valued in the Inca dynasty not only for its luxurious softness, but also for its ability to retain dry heat and remove moisture, hygiene and hypoallergenicity (its fleese is not coated with lanolin and, accordingly, they do not accumulate dust and dirt).

A scarf made of wool of this South American animal can quickly cure a sore throat. Wrap it around your neck. It will not overheat the skin, but on the contrary, it will maintain a stable healthy temperature and remove moisture. Thus, even if you entered a warm room, you don’t have to remove the scarf or stole made of alpaca.

Baby alpaca clothes or accessories will become not only an adornment of your wardrobe, but a preventive measure against colds, radiculitis, joint diseases and muscle pains and sprains.

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