How it was made: jumpers from AereA collection

Свитер из альпаки

While you are in a process of creating new model you discover better and better ways to make it. And so in the end you get an absolutely perfect piece!

For designer of Alpaca del Sol brand, convenience is always at the forefront of the creating process. In second place is beauty. If the knitted garment is beautiful, but the shoulders or neck line are too loose, the seam is sticking out ugly, and the sleeves are not comfortable, then for the client this is not a fashionable investment. And for the designer – a failure.

So how do we know what is comfortable and what is not? Well, we need to do some tests. On ourselves. In Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter all team is wearing new models to see how they are in real life. Also washing them, ironing etc. And only if everything is comfortable and looks good it goes to series and to appears in our online store.

Another way is to talk with clients. Find out what they like, what they don’t like, so to know how you can improve the model. By the way, feel free to share your ideas with us!

Features of the jumpers and our finds!

  • We made raglan shoulder so that the transition between the details was as smooth as possible and so that the model fits well on any figure.
  • The collar has no seam. Absolutely not. Absolutely. No. Seam. Can you imagine? You can wear a collar as a hood, twist it as a donut and not worring that seam must be hidden.
  • The sweater has no front and back – it is the same on all sides. Such a golden ratio in the world of jumpers. Absolute freedom of creativity!
  • The sweater is a little transparent, so, for example, you can show beautiful lingerie or a top. And since it is an alpaca, with its lightness it is surprisingly warm.

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