Unique combination of designer knitwear
and the softest peruvian alpaca


Knitwear brand Alpaca del Sol was established in 2013 in Russia by experienced knitter and designer Izabella Dudnakova. The idea of our business now and always – to offer high quality knitted garments made of 100% alpaca or baby alpaca yarn or blends with alpaca for the fair price. We are proud to be producer of highly sustainabe knitwear for women with the yarns we buy from eco-friendly, fairtrade factory in Peru. Focused on quality we also follow fashion and color trends in every season.

In 2013 we presented first collection Alpaboo. It included trendy accessories such as beanie hats, snoods, big cozy scarves. They were made by hand from alpaca boucle yarn. And these models and material we have in stock since. They became DNA of the brand.

Our production is located in Moscow, Russia. It is small and we keep very limited stock so to make sure there is no overproduction. Some models can be made upon request.

Izabella Dudnakova, designer.

Why alpaca?

In 2009 I started long jorney around South America with absolutely no idea about alpacas. Of course, I knew lamas, but that was it.

And there in Winter I saw alpacas for the fist time in my life. I didn’t expect the there were so small and cute, and there fiber was so precious!

Here and there on my way through amazingly beautiful Bolivia and Peru I met small wild and domesticated herds of alpacas. When I arrived to the capital of yarn production in Peru – Arequipa city, I went to the museum and the yarn factory and found out that alpaca’s yarn is one of the most valuable in the world. When I took for the fist time baby alpaca yarn threads I thought it was cashmere. But much more silky and strong.

In 2010 I came back home to Moscow and decided that in such a climate alpaca garments will be very successful. And I was right. I began with import from Peru, but soon realized that I want to use my knitting experience and design abilities to create my own brand.

Today our production is in Russia. but I live and run business from Lisbon, Portugal where I live.


Responsible business

We are modern production based on the following principals:

  • No overproduction – small stock with garments upon request,
  • High sustainability of the clothes,
  • Use of yarns produced only by environmentally friendly factories with a humane attitude to animals.

We always seek ways to minimize harm to the environment. That is why we work with a factory in Peru, which today is a local leader in the field of keeping up with environmental standards.
You receive your orders in paper package and in a craft box, which are very easy to recycle.

You can also be sure that professionals who create things for you on machines or manually receive fare payment. This money allows them to improve the quality of life, take care of their future and the future of their children.

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